Datatopia versus dataphobia

Metering is a crucial part of both the electronics and energy industry. Both are very dynamic and contribute significantly to environmental and social footprints. Industry 4.0 is not just about technology, but about values, knowledge and needs to resolve the biggest challenge of humankind – decarbonize our planet, preserve our civilization.

There are 2 simple ways of how metering can contribute significantly to the challenge:

  1. meters and other components in the infrastructure need to be produced in a smart and sustainable way, with 50% fewer materials, include recycled materials, … This will consequently lower CO2 footprint of the entire value chain. – Presentation of action steps and results.
  2. meters with the data analytics can be a tool for households and industry to lower energy consumption and perform better energy efficiency. The most important action is to lower global CO2 footprint – a clear call for action to all the stakeholders.

The EU legislation will transfer the moral and financial burden of CO2 to end consumers and the industry. Why wait for this to happen, why not be proactive and use measuring and data for better world? To do this, we need synergy among all the stakeholders of the industry.

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