Buggi - Fair Meter
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Buggi Buch Widell, Flonidan

Buggi Buch Widell is HSE-IS Management Specialist at Flonidan, Danish-based Manufacturer of innovative metering solution for smart gas metering. She has over 10 years´ experience in industrial Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management. Since 2015, Buggi Buch Widell has been working with material composition of smart meter components – including origin of materials, conflict minerals, material compliancy and sufficient material information. Working with these issues Buggi has been part of the Fair Meter project. Buggi has an MSc in Environmental Management, Integrated Management Systems, from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Contact Information

  • Buggi Buch Widell
  • Company: Flonidan A/S
  • Country: Denmark
  • Office phone: +45 75 61 88 88
  • Direct line: +45 76 26 69 64
  • Mobile: +45 28 92 95 28
  • Email: buwi@flonidan.dk
Mojca Markizeti, Iskraemeco

Mojca is working for one of the leading smart metering solution providers, Iskraemeco, as Fair Meter Project Manager. In this role she is responsible for the implementation of sustainability, circularity and »fair trade« principles on the product and company level. She joined Iskraemeco in 2015, previously working for the Human Rights Ombudsman (2002 – 2008), IEDC-Bled School of Management (2008 – 2015) and UN Global Compact Slovenia (2012 – 2015). Her past experience allow her to align her management education background with her activism. Mojca’s passions include social management, sustainable development, open source innovation (in SD), ethics and integrity, education, human rights, active citizenship and related topics. She is guided by curiosity through which she is gaining a deep understanding of what is needed for a better world. She has worked on several voluntary projects and managed to position herself professionally in challenging environments that have potential to bring progress to society at large.