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Stedin is the independent network manager in the most densely populated part of the Netherlands: the province of Zuid Holland, which encompasses the largest port of Europe, and the province of Utrecht. The company is responsible for the development, installation, control, maintenance and management of energy networks. Stedin is the link between more than 2 million customers and the energy suppliers. The company’s 3,100 employees ensure the safety, quality and reliability of the energy transmission. Stedin is located in Rotterdam.


Network operator Liander is part of network company Alliander. Liander sees to the smooth distribution of energy through all our networks, providing three million consumers and businesses safe and as efficiently as possible with gas and electricity. We are responsible for maintenance, expansion and innovation of the energy networks in (parts of) the provinces of Gelderland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Friesland and Flevoland. Offering the smart gas and electricity meter to all of our customers is the biggest project for Liander until the year 2020.

Enduris B.V.

Enduris B.V. is the grid operator of the province of Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands. Enduris allows for the construction, maintenance and development of the Zeeland gas and electricity networks. Enduris stands for safe, reliable and cost-efficient management of such networks.

Enduris ensures optimum operation of the infrastructures entrusted to it. With effective and efficient services to customers. Working together and the Multi-Utility approach are key. They have the ambition to make a contribution to local initiatives in the field of renewable energy. Safety and professionalism are of paramount importance.

Westland Infra Netbeheer B.V.

Westland Infra manages and operates the technical high energy networks which- literally – are the roots of the Westland. Obviously is the Westland region far beyond our borders known as the Garden of Europe.
Westland Infra has a unique market position through the great knowledge of the horticulture sector and its specific (energy) needs. The knowledge and experience gained within the regional grid, are widely used within the free market segments. This goods and services in the areas of infrastructure management, monitoring and knowledge of energy can be provided throughout the Netherlands. The 24-hour service and innovative measurement company are distinctive in the market.


Flonidan is among the world market leaders in smart gas metering and an important provider of data communication components to water, electricity and gas meters. Flonidan solutions are employed by professionals in public and private energy companies to ensure accurate metering and billing. Knowledge, innovation and relation building are the keystones of Flonidan. Almost 40 % of the employees are engaged in R&D and quality assurance. Flonidan carries both the ISO 27001 information security certification and the ISO 9001 quality certification.


Iskraemeco is one of the leading smart metering solution providers on a global scale. Since 1945, Iskraemeco employees have been transforming valuable experience, innovation and a sound understanding of our customers` needs into comprehensive energy management solutions. With electricity meters addressing diverse market demands, a variety of communication options, software for meter data management and comprehensive services we help energy companies shape the future of energy generation and management. Iskraemeco has an established network of partners, subsidiaries and production facilities that offer reliable and efficient support services to our entire client base.

Landis+ Gyr

For more than a century, Landis+Gyr has helped the world manage energy better. Our meters and solutions empower utilities and end-customers around the world to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and contribute to a sustainable use of resources. As the largest global player in smart metering with one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, our products, solutions and services empower utilities and consumers with the data necessary to make informed decisions about energy usage. Now, as an independent growth platform of the Toshiba Corporation, Landis+Gyr brings the strength and innovative prowess of one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers to bear in an unparalleled combination within our industry, all to meet worldwide energy challenges today-and tomorrow


We are a multidisciplinary team of sustainability experts with backgrounds ranging from chemistry to spatial planning. What unites us is our common approach of systems thinking. We are able to understand how any system works, and find leverage points for change.
We work with cities, NGOs, and companies to understand how they can exploit strategic opportunities for accelerating sustainability goals and transition toward a circular economy. By taking a systems perspective, we give clients the ability to engineer the results that they want while accounting for factors that threaten those objectives.
Our analysis is founded on a process-based approach that allows us to comprehensively understand relevant parts of a system to arrive at relevant insights and conclusions.

Mojca Markizeti, Iskraemeco

Mojca is working for one of the leading smart metering solution providers, Iskraemeco, as Fair Meter Project Manager. In this role she is responsible for the implementation of sustainability, circularity and »fair trade« principles on the product and company level. She joined Iskraemeco in 2015, previously working for the Human Rights Ombudsman (2002 – 2008), IEDC-Bled School of Management (2008 – 2015) and UN Global Compact Slovenia (2012 – 2015). Her past experience allow her to align her management education background with her activism. Mojca’s passions include social management, sustainable development, open source innovation (in SD), ethics and integrity, education, human rights, active citizenship and related topics. She is guided by curiosity through which she is gaining a deep understanding of what is needed for a better world. She has worked on several voluntary projects and managed to position herself professionally in challenging environments that have potential to bring progress to society at large.